Chimpanzees escaped in Dierenpark Amersfoort

Four chimpanzees escaped this morning in the Amersfoort Dierenpark. Presumably they were taken out with a tranq rifle. Witnesses tell RTV Utrecht they heard gunshots.

The park was closed immediately because the escape could pose a potential danger.

According to the Dierenpark, the situation is now under control and the park is safe. All visitors have also left the park. โ€œWere investigating exactly what happened, which is why our park is closed for the rest of the day.โ€ Its not clear what happened to the monkeys.

Three quarters of an hour waiting between the turtles

During the escape, people were held in the quarters where they were at the time. A visitor says to RTV Utrecht that he has been locked up for at least three quarters of an hour in the turtle residence.

An animal caretaker told her that chimpanzees had escaped. In the turtle residence they were safe, but it was โ€œvery warmโ€.

Another visitor was evacuated immediately after he had been in for five minutes. In the parking lot, he heard โ€œsome dull pops. We thought, โ€œThats like a shot.โ€ And one more. And one more. When we left, we also saw police.โ€ The visitor says hes not shocked. โ€œI am especially sorry. Our little one year old today. So we went to the zoo with the three of us, but that was short-lived.โ€

According to a spokesman, the police have mainly assisted in the evacuation of the Animal Park. โ€œAt least cops didnt shoot.โ€