‘China also tested hypersonic missile, surprised Americans’

China secretly conducted a test with a hypersonic missile in August, the Financial Times reports. US intelligence sources tell the paper they are surprised by the test.

Although the missile failed to hit its target, according to the sources, the test does show that China has โ€œastonishinglyโ€ made a lot of progress in developing a hypersonic missile.


fact, the Chinese seem to be far beyond what the Americans had imagined. โ€œWe have no idea how they did this,โ€ says one of the officials. According to the Financial Times, the US seems to be underestimating China in this area.

More countries develop new missile

In addition to China, the United States, Russia and possibly North Korea are also developing the new hypersonic missiles. Such projectiles reach more than five times the speed of the sound, i.e. about 6200 kilometers per hour. Unlike ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles fly low in orbits in the atmosphere. This allows them to reach their goal faster and makes it harder for enemies to intercept the missile.

The Pentagon has not yet officially responded to Financial Times coverage.