China Announces Military Exercises Around Taiwan in Response to Pelosi Visit

The Chinese Ministry of Defense has announced targeted military action around Taiwan. What is meant by that is not entirely clear, but the colonel who deals with the eastern part of China speaks of military exercises around the island.

Those exercises should take place from tonight through Sunday in the Taiwan Strait, both west and east of that island, according to a statement released by Chinese state news agency Xinhua. It involves exercises at sea and in the air. According to China, missiles will be fired, among other things.

China says military movements are in response to US top politician Nancy Pelosi‘s visit to Taiwan. That visit is very sensitive in China, which considers Taiwan to be a renegade province. In Chinese eyes, it is not possible to have official diplomatic ties with both China and Taiwan.

In a statement, China calls the Taiwan issue the most important and sensitive issue at the heart of China-US relationship. When Pelosi’s visit seemed imminent, last week, China already said that America is playing with fire.


Beijing is very keen to get Taiwan under Chinese rule again at some point. In addition, China is willing to use military means as well, but experts do not think that Pelosi‘s visit is a reason for such an escalation.

Nevertheless, America has four warships lying off the east coast of Taiwan. President Biden previously announced that he would come to Taiwan’s military aid in the event of a Chinese invasion.