China condemns departure opposition from parliament Hong Kong

China has reacted disapprovingly to the oppositions departure from parliament in Hong Kong. Yesterday, the pro-democratic opposition decided to give up its 19 seats in parliament, in response to the resignation of four Members of Parliament.

Beijing had given the authorities in Hong Kong the power to dispatch, without the intervention of the judge, the four members of parliament who support independence or would be state dangerous.

The Hong Kong office representing the Chinese Government now warns pro-democratic opposition members: โ€œWe want to warn these opposition members. They make a mistake if they want to use this to encourage radical resistance and ask foreign forces to help bring Hong Kong back into chaos. This is a misestimation,โ€ reports Reuters news agency.

Criticism from Western countries

From Western countries there is criticism of the decision to remove the four opposition members from parliament. The British Foreign Minister Raab calls the resignation an attack on Hong Kongs freedoms.

Germany and Australia also condemn the deposition of four parliamentarians. American National Security Adviser Robert OBrien says that it is now very clear that the Communist rulers in China are not keeping to the agreements made on the status of Hong Kong and the promises made to residents.

Demonstrations in Hong Kong

It was restless in Hong Kong for months. Residents went massively to the streets to demonstrate against Chinas growing influence on the city state. At the end of June, the controversial security law for Hong Kong was introduced by the Chinese government. Since its introduction, the pursuit of secession, foreign interference and the launching of state-undermining activities in Hong Kong has been banned.

Hong Kong has rejoined China since Britains independence in 1997, with its own economic system and more democratic freedoms. Under the heading one country, two systems, Hong Kong retains a certain degree of autonomy. But since the introduction of the Security Act, this has been under pressure.