China delineates border at the top of Mount Everest

China will also make clear where the border lies at the top of the highest mountain in the world. There will be a โ€œdividing lineโ€ on Mount Everest to prevent foreign climbers from spreading the coronavirus there, reports state media.

The 8849-metre high mountain is located on the border between China and Nepal. That latter country is struggling with the second wave of coronapandemic. Over the past few weeks, some thirty sick mountaineers had to be evacuated from the base camp on the Nepalese side of the mountain.

The Chinese authorities have now announced that strict measures are being taken to prevent contact between climbers from the two countries. Guides will, among other things, create a dividing line before climbing can be resumed. It is still unclear what exactly this delineation will look like.

Nepal has given a record number of climbers a permit to go up the mountain this year. Approximately EUR 9000 will have to be paid for this. The total cost of an expedition is many times higher. The Nepalese tourism industry lost a lot of revenue due to the pandemic last year.

In the busy tent camp on the Nepalese side of the mountain, there are often more than a thousand people under normal conditions. It includes climbers and guides. China has banned foreigners from climbing the mountain because of the coronacrisis, although a team of 21 Chinese climbers has been granted permission.