China is malaria free after 70 years of struggle against the disease.

China has officially won the fight against infectious disease malaria. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that on Wednesday. China is the first country in the west Pacific region to have been declared malaria free for the past 30 years.

In the 1940s, China reported about 30 million malaria cases a year. Since the 1950s, numerous government programs have reduced the number of infections. The country achieved this by providing preventive drugs in risk areas, reducing mosquito breeding areas and large-scale provision of repellents and nets.

Malaria is transmitted by infected Anopheles mosquitoes. A parasite causes an infectious disease that causes high fever, headache and chills, among other things. If malaria is not treated quickly, the disease can be life-threatening.

According to the WHOs latest World Malaria Report, 229 million people from malaria members worldwide in 2019 compared to 228 million in 2018. The estimated number of malariadodes in 2019 was 409,000, compared to 411,000 deaths in 2018. 94 percent of the worlds malaria cases suffer Africas hardest among the disease.