China sends unmanned cargo space ship to space station under construction

China launched an unmanned cargo space ship on Saturday to its own space station under construction, reported state agency Xinhua. It will automatically be linked to the Tianhe module, which was shot into space at the end of April.

Tianhe (Heavenly Harmony), together with two more modules, will form the Chinese space station, which will be ready next year. The freighter Tianzhou-2 (Heavenly ship) carries supplies and fuel. In June, a Chinese space mission with three astronauts is scheduled. They will stay in the Tianhe module for three months.

The three modules that will form the space station will be transported with the Lange Mars 5B missile. The return of China‘s largest launcher in May caused unrest as parts threatened to return to the atmosphere uncontrollably. Last year, debris of the same type of missile landed in Cรดte d’Ivoire, damaging houses. Eventually debris from the last Long Mars 5B ended up in the Indian Ocean, without causing any damage.

The International Space Station (ISS) is working on its last years. If ISS is out of service, China will be the only country to have a space station.