China Tackle Entertainment: Talent Yachts on Tires and More Patriotic Atmosphere

The Chinese authorities are re-introducing stricter rules for the entertainment industry. Television shows should no longer invite artists who take โ€œincorrect political viewsโ€, have to convey a โ€œpatriotic atmosphereโ€ and men who are โ€œfeminine styleโ€ are out of the evil. Talent yachts will also need to comply with more rules and more stringent checks on the salary of stars and whether they pay taxes.

The new rules are part of large-scale tightening of rules for all branches of the Chinese economy, from tech companies to the gaming industry. For example, earlier this week, China determined that children can play online for only three hours a week.

Last week, China announced that it wanted to stop the โ€œchaotic celebrity fan cultureโ€. Websites are not allowed to publish artist popularity lists, and fan articles sales must comply with more rules as well. Some celebrity scandals underpinned that. According to China, these can cause social order problems.

Milk Waste

Talent yachts are also a thorn in the eye of China. They are popular, but often viewers need to buy sponsored products to vote for their favorite artist. In May, a program was taken off the tube after viewers massively bought and discarded a milk product to vote.

iQiYi, the streaming service that broadcasted the talent show, announced that all talent yachts that are still under development. To encourage fans to buy products to vote is prohibited from now on.

Stars that come on TV must meet more stringent requirements. Agencies should break ties with stars that show โ€œlack of moral disciplineโ€. This refers to male artists who would behave โ€œfeminineโ€, for example, by using makeup.