China under the spell of escaped elephants, flock reaches million-city

A herd of wild elephants has reached the multimillion city of Kunming in China after 40 days and 500 kilometers of walking. On the contrary, authorities are trying to prevent the elephants who escaped from a nature reserve from entering the city.

More than 510 police officers and other responders, 64 trucks, 52 emergency vehicles and 14 drones have been deployed to monitor the herd.

Yesterday, hundreds of vehicles were diverted to the city to ensure the safety of the people and elephants. But last night the elephants were ‘lost’ for a while because the drones view was clouded by rain. They turned out to be close to each other in a group, with the young elephants in the middle.

The authorities are monitoring elephants with the most modern technologies:

We are talking about 15 Asian elephants, who enjoy a protected status in China. An adult animal can reach about 6 meters long and 3 meters high.

The animals escaped from a nature reserve more than 40 days ago. Why and how is unclear. Meanwhile, the elephants have already walked more than 500 kilometers and many Chinese follow their journey. The herd consisted of sixteen elephants at the beginning of the journey, but two animals have travelled a different direction. A calf was also born.

Authorities are trying to get the herd to the southwest, back to the reserve. Roads have been set up and they are lured with food.

So far, there have been no reports of injuries. However, tons of damage have already been caused, especially because agricultural land has been damaged or eaten bald.