China uses trucks against advancing elephants at million-city

China has deployed trucks on a large scale to stop an advancing group of wild elephants. They are more than 500 kilometres from their habitat and are now causing chaos near the metropolis of Kunming, where more than eight million people live.

The state television showed images of a long line of trucks parked near a road in wooded area. For example, the 15 large animals must be kept away from densely populated areas. โ€œWere here to block the elephants,โ€ said a driver to the station CCTV. โ€œThe traffic police said they needed trucks.โ€

The elephants previously left a trail of destruction in small communities. There they went through the gardens of people and ran over trees. โ€œThe herd walked through the village all day,โ€ said a nervous villager. โ€œWe walked out and saw an elephant about three meters high. We found it terrified.โ€

The authorities have sent thousands of people out to keep an eye on the animals. They use drones and infrared cameras, and it is still unclear why the animals have left their nature reserve in Yunnan Province. Their journey is closely monitored on Chinese social media and there is also plenty of speculation about the cause of the elephant journey.