Chinese actress (24) wants to warn with horror photos of own rhinoplasty

Anyone considering rhinoplasty should think twice. This week, Chinese actress Gao Liu (24) had that message for her five million social media followers.

Liu shared very shocking photos, which immediately made it clear why the rising star in the Asian film world had recently disappeared from the scene. A misrun rhinoplasty has lost the tip of her nose.

The actress says that in October she was introduced by a friend to a plastic surgeon. She hesitated for a while, but eventually decided to go for a little correction. She was hoping to give her career an extra boost. Her image is now all over the world, even if its for the wrong reason.

โ€œ The procedure lasted four hours,โ€ writes Gao. โ€œI thought Id be more beautiful in those four hours. I didnt know these four hours would be the beginning of a nightmare.โ€ After the procedure, her nose began to itch, became irritated, and then infected. โ€œThe tip of my nose became dark and blacker. My nose was dying.โ€


She was finally hospitalized. The damage is great. It would take at least a year before a new surgical team can begin a reconstruction.

According to Chinese media, the clinic where Gao underwent surgery had already been fined five times for abuses. It is still unclear what kind of offences were involved. Gao has a clear message for her followers: realize that plastic surgery is not without danger!

Cosmetic Apps

In China, the plastic surgery market has grown by at least 30 percent since 2015. In 2019, 25 million cosmetic treatments were carried out in China.

Its popularity rises mainly among young people. This increase is partly explained by the arrival of Chinese cosmetic apps, which allow people to choose a new nose via their phone. GengMei, which literally means โ€œeven more beautifulโ€, has about 36 million users and collaborates with 20,000 doctors.