Chinese add-on for Immortals Fenyx Rising is out — but it is already scolded

Today for Immortals Fenyx Rising released Myths of the Eastern Lands – a story addition with a new protagonist, which was dedicated to Chinese mythology. With sight of an interesting expansion, if the first reviews are to be believed, turned out to be fresh. Developers from the Chinese studio Ubisoft made based on the game a little more of the same — even the abilities and mechanics remained intact.

If you liked Immortals, it‘s literally the same game – but shorter and about Chinese myths. It’s a shame that another team for some reason could not make the addition unique on the background of the game itself — The Gamer (6/10) .

Due to the short duration of the addition of the new the story lacks room for respite and immolation of important details – so, for example, all the skills from the original Fenyx Rising are immediately presented in their rolled variations. Buy an add-on is advised only to those who want even more of the same Immortals.

On consoles Myths of Eastern Land sell for 1069 rubles, and on PC – for 625 rubles. The addition is also included in the season pass.

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