Chinese million-dollar cities test all residents after corona outbreak

Chinas multimillion-dollar cities of Xiamen and Putian are going to test all residents after another corona outbreak. Other measures are also being taken to prevent infections, including school closures and setting travel restrictions.

Xiamen has about 4.5 million inhabitants and Putian 3.2 million. Measures in the coastal Fujian province follow following an outbreak discovered last week. As far as it is known, the cluster consists of just over a hundred infections throughout Fuijan. Preliminary research shows that this is the extra contagious delta variant.

The first infections were discovered in Putian. The outbreak is presumably traced to a man who recently returned from Singapore and initially tested negative for the virus after fourteen days of quarantine. Among the first positive tested persons are the mans 12-year-old son and a classmate of the boy. Later infections were also detected in Xiamen. The first person there was in close contact with a corona patient in Putian.

Party Week

The new outbreak is coming for China at a very unfortunate moment. October 1st is a national holiday due to the foundation of the Peoples Republic of China and is accompanied by a so-called Golden Week. A lot of Chinese people are free and go on vacation. Xiamen is typically a popular holiday contamination.

The coronavirus was first diagnosed in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019. Beijing managed to restrain the countrys contagion wave with heavy measures, but is now struggling with a new challenge through the delta variant. Chinas toughest outbreak since the first wave came to an end last month.

More than 2.15 billion corona shocks have been put in China, reports state medium Xinhua. That should be enough to fully vaccinate about 70 percent of the population. Whether that percentage also matches the practice is unknown. No details were shared on vaccination rates on Monday.