Chinese minister on a European charm visit also visits the Netherlands

The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi is visiting the Netherlands. He talks with his colleague Minister Blok about the coronapandemic, trade interests and the Chinese tech company Huawei, which has been accused of industrial espionage.

The name Huawei did not want to mention Blok beforehand, but it is clear that the conversations were about that as well. Blok: “We will certainly also talk about the protection of intellectual property. Our intelligence services have indicated in the past that they have concerns about this.”

Premier Rutte also joins us for part of the conversation, which takes place at castle Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten. It was not possible for journalists to interview the ministers about the conversation afterwards.

Broad relationship

Blok said before the start that it is good for the relationship that the Chinese minister is in the Netherlands. “We have a broad relationship,” says Blok. “It’s about trade but also about human rights and concerns about the security situation in the world.” He visited Wang Yi in China in 2019

Wang Yi is on a diplomatic tour of several European countries. He also has appointments in Italy, France, Germany and Norway.