Chocolate and ghosts – Stardew Valley author revealed new Haunted Chocolatier game

Eric Baron, creator of Stardew Valley, showed the gameplay of an early version of his new game, which was called Haunted Chocolatier. According to the developer, the atmosphere and mood of this project will be to be distinguished from Stardew Valley. Haunted Chocolatier will tell the story of a chocolatier who finds himself in a haunted castle.

Players have to collect ingredients, produce chocolate and fuel a chocolate factory. Baron noted that working on the new project allowed him to go beyond traditional bounds and โ€œexplore more fantastic possibilities.

โ€ Although Haunted Chocolatier features a haunted castle, the game won‘t be evil or scary โ€” the developer wants it to be โ€œpositive, inspiring and life-affirming โ€œ. And, of course, it’s fun.

Haunted Chocolatier won‘t have multiplayer. The game will be released on PC, and the author plans to release it on other current platforms in the future.

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