Chopped off head thrown into polls on election day in Mexico

In Mexico, where elections are held on Sunday, a severed head was thrown in at a polling station. Plasticbags containing limbs have also been found nearby, reported by the authorities in Terrazas del Valle, near the northwestern city of Tijuana.

The unsub would have fled. It‘s not clear if he was finally arrested. It is also not known whether the action was related to the elections, of which the last campaign period was one of the bloodiest in recent history. Elsewhere in the country a grenade was also thrown at a polling station on Sunday.

In Mexico, more than 20,000 political posts will be filled on Sunday, both local, regional and parliament. In addition, 15 out of 31 governors are elected. Dozens of candidates, as well as their family members and members of campaign teams, were killed by criminal groups or political opponents in the run-up to the elections.

According to the research firm Etellekt, this is at least 35 political murders in the last eight months. On Friday night, a mayor’s candidate for the town of Cazones de Herrera in the province of Veracruz was murdered by a group of masked men.