Chris Avellon: Obsidians new Avowed game loses its creators

Screenwriter and game designer Chris Avellon said that Obsidians new RPG called Avowed is losing employees. According to Avellon, the games lead designer has been swarmed to another studio project โ€” Grounded, the same thing happened with the artistic director. The original head of Avowed was demoted and later replaced โ€” the first author took a long-term leave of absence in which may still be.

Some of the other employees apparently simply โ€œquitโ€ . Also Avellon added that the whole situation looks unusual for the stage at which game development is at: Lacking people in the middle of working on the project are mostly atypical and poorly received in the industry except for mitigating factors (someone got sick in the family) .

Chris Avellonon also drew attention that for the game, y which โ€œeverything should be fineโ€, Avowed still doesnt have a release date. Avellon recalled that Fallout: New Vegas and two parts Pillars of Eternity game director Josh Sawyer didnt want to do the project.

Avoweds head of production proved better previous. AvoWed announced in 2020 for Xbox Series and PC.

The action will take place in the Eora fantasy universe, and the world itself will be bigger than in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The rumoured release is slated for late 2022 or early 2023.

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