Chris Pratt of the future in the first trailer of action film The Tomorrow War

Film studio Paramount Pictures has released the first short trailer for future sci-fi action film The Tomorrow War. It was produced by Chris Pratt, known for his role as Starlord in the Marvel Universe. He played the main role here.

According to the story in 2051, the Earth is attacked by aliens, which will once put the survival of mankind in question. Fortunately, scientists find a way to deal with this: they send messengers to gather the best fighters there to fight in the future.

One of these fighters is Dan Forester, a university teacher played by Chris Pratt. In addition to him, we will see in the film J.

TO. Simmons, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin and others.

And it was directed by Chris Mackay (โ€œLego Film: Batmanโ€, โ€œThe Amazing Journey of Dr. Doolittleโ€) .

Action film โ€œWar of the Futureโ€ was planned to be released in theaters, but on these plans put a cross pandemic. It will now see the light thanks to Amazon‘s streaming service Prime Video, its premiere is on July 2, 2021.

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