ChristenUnie: ‘Choice AZ is morally objectionable, families are torn up’

AZ has found a successor for main sponsor AFAS after a long search and recently presented gambling company Kansino. In doing so, the Alkmaar people have harassed the local Christenunion group against them, reports the Noordhollands Dagblad.
Since online gambling in the Netherlands was legalized, gambling companies have focused on the football world. For example, FC Volendam and Fortuna Sittard will play with BetCity on their shirts next season. However, according to Christenunie councillor Ronald van Veen, it is morally objectionable to offer gambling companies such a platform.
โ€œIt is clear to us that AZ is doing nothing wrong legally. We do find it morally objectionable to have a football club sponsored by a sector that causes so much social misery,โ€ says Van Veen in the newspaper. โ€œFamilies are torn apart, very large debts arise, and even homelessness and use of sedatives are sometimes the result of a โ€œgameโ€ that got out of control.โ€
According to the ChristenUnie, the image of โ€œtough football playersโ€ contributes to children betting earlier. The party wants B and W van Alkmaar to announce its disapproval about the choice of the new shirt sponsor. The municipality should also stop the skybox at AZ and force the club to educate its fans about the dangers of online gambling.