Christenunie group should take a stricter approach to cabinet, members say

The MPs of the ChristenUnie must be stricter for the cabinet. The members of the smallest coalition party said this at a congress in Zwolle. More than 70 percent of the Christian Union members supported the proposal that calls for a stricter approach.

In the extreme case, a motion of mistrust or censure against government officials โ€œwho contribute to an unreliable governance cultureโ€ should not be shunned, the petitioners say. With a no-confidence motion, ministers and state secretaries can be sent away.

Problematic behavior

The petitioners argue that the party is jointly responsible for maintaining an โ€œunreliable governance cultureโ€ if government officials never get a tap on their fingers. โ€œWe need to be clearer in rejecting problematic behavior,โ€ one of the petitioners said.

In the explanatory statement, Minister De Jonge was mentioned as an example, following a recent debate about the face mask deal. Also mentioned was Prime Minister Rutte, โ€œwho has a selective memory if it suits him wellโ€.

The cabinet contains three ministers of the ChristenUnie: Minister Schouten for Poverty Policy, Minister Staghouwer of Agriculture and State Secretary Van Ooijen of VWS.

Destructive role play

Party leader Segers acknowledged in his speech that confidence in politics still needs to be restored, especially after the long-running formation. The Christenunie foreman spoke of a โ€œmiserable political yearโ€ and a โ€œparody of politicsโ€.

According to Segers, the latter depends on both the coalition and the opposition. โ€œWe‘ve ended up in a kind of destructive role-playing game that pulls us all down, that’s just not good for us.โ€

The party leader called the recovery a โ€œdesert tripโ€ that he does not even know if it has already come to an end. In The Hague, again, it must be about ideals and ideas more often, he argued.