ChristianUnion: discuss medical-ethical issues in formation

Christian Union leader Segers wants medical-ethical issues to be discussed within the formation and not left to parliament, as D66 advocates. The fact that D66 calls it free issues that are not dealt with in the formation, Segers finds witness to political arrogance. โ€œThen Kaag assumes that she will get her way through the Chamber,โ€ says Segers to DeccEit.

At the same time, Segers recognizes that it is not obvious that the Christian Union will sit in a cabinet that will carry out the law complete life, because the party is against the law. He points to inquiries by the Schnabel Commission and experts and psychiatrists who say that euthanasia should not be allowed ‘only because of a complete life’. โ€œIt is an impassable path for me.โ€

It remains unclear whether the Christian Union makes participation in a new cabinet dependent on the outcome of any discussions in the formation on these issues.

Compromise with previous formation

The Christian Unie and D66 coalition parties have long been opposed to each other on medical-ethical issues. D66 wants people who โ€œsuffer from lifeโ€ to receive death aid. On the contrary, the Christian Union is opposed to that.

In the previous formation, a compromise was finally conceived: a new committee of inquiry was set up to present a report. The coalition agreement stipulated that the Cabinet would not make any proposals to widen the rules on suicide aid.

In the meantime, there is such a bill: the group of D66 did not wait for the cabinet and came up with a proposal in the Chamber last year for help with a completed life.

Kaag: honest and transparent

Last week, D66 leader Kaag told DeccEit that medical-ethical issues are a free matter as far as she is concerned and that D66 does not want to agree on it in a new coalition agreement. According to Kaag, you cannot exchange issues of death and life into a formation and they belong โ€œto the social debate and then in the House of Representativesโ€.

According to Kaag, this also applies to the bill completed life of D66. โ€œWhen I‘m 75 and feel like I’m done with my life and want to die the way I choose, we have developed a careful process for that. We, as a civilized society, must want to look at that.โ€

When asked what this means for a possible new cooperation with the Christian Union, she replied that it is up to that party. โ€œThis seems to me to be the more transparent and fairer way.โ€