Christopher ‘Captain Von Trapp’ Plummer died

Canadian actor Christopher Plummer died. The man who became world famous with his performance of Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music was 91 years old.

Plummer was active until old age, his career spans over seventy years. He won several awards, such as an Oscar in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor in the film Beginners, Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards and a Golden Globe.

Plummer was a versatile actor who was very capable of doing both on film and television as well as on stage. He made his debut on Broadway in 1954 and then appeared in many leading roles, such as Cyrano de Bergerac and the Shakespeare pieces Macbeth and King Lear.

Plummer broke through with The Sound of Music but kept acting and winning prizes until old age:

For stage actor Plummer, the film career began in 1958, when he was almost 30. His major breakthrough was, as I said, The Sound of Music, the 1965 musical film about the Von Trapp family, who had to flee Austria during the Nazi regime. Plummer plays Captain Von Trapp, the widower with seven children who takes on a new nanny (Julie Andrews) with whom he has to deal with.

The film became a huge success and won five Oscars. On television, for decades, the film was an audience cannon, mainly broadcast during the Christmas period. Especially the songs have gained eternity value.

Like Do-Re-Mi:

Plummer had ambivalent feelings about the film, praising the craftsmanship with which he was made, but was not enthusiastic about the captains two-dimensional role in his eyes. He had little fun making, only the collaboration with Julie Andrews was positive. He sometimes called the film โ€œThe Sound of Mucusโ€.

Also at a later age, Plummer, with his rich shape and distinguished appearance, was a much in demand actor. In 1999, as a 70-year-old, he won three prizes for his role in the film The Insider, but more than ten years later he followed an even greater success. For his role in Beginners, he won no less than thirty prizes, including an Oscar.

Plummer lived with his third wife Elaine Taylor in Connecticut, United States. He was the father of actress Amanda Plummer.