Christopher Lloyd Played Rick in New ‘Rick and Morty’ Promo

Adult Swims โ€œRick and Mortyโ€ has released a new promo video for the animated series where the central characters are played by real actors. So, Ricks party went to the legendary Christopher Lloyd, and Morty was played by Jaden Martell (โ€œOnoโ€). According to the video, the characters โ€œhit homeโ€, however, there are no further details โ€” except that it is the C-132 version of the characters.

The animated series is now coming to a close its fifth season, with its final series set to premiere on September 5. C-132 @adultswim) September 3, 2021 More on Gomania โ€œFinalโ€ Death Stranding Directors Cut Trailer Shows & nbsp; September 8 Oscar Isaac, performer for the role of Leto Atreides, named new Dune masterpiece Terminator: Resistance will get a big story addition.