Christopher Nolan doesnt want to work with Netflix due to limited movie rentals

Netflixs original picture production chief has spoken about the reasons why Christopher Nolan is refusing to work with the streaming service for now. According to Scott Staber, the reason is not just about movie rentals in cinemas, but the worldwide rental. They talked a little bit with the director, and it is important for him that his paintings can be shown in cinemas around the world, not just in a limited set of halls โ€” as is usually the case Netflix.

And until the service can solve this problem โ€” Nolan will not go to meet. Streaming was the cause of a disagreement between the production and Warner Bros.

, which began releasing its 2021 premieres on HBO Max. The decision did not like Nolan, and he was rumored to no longer work with the studio โ€” the author even called HBO Max โ€œthe worst streaming service.

โ€ that the director can move to work in the Sony studio. The latter, however, recently also began testing a model with the rental of its movies for users – but so far only in Poland.

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