Church saves deep in injury time point for FC Utrecht

Because of the equalizer of Gyrano Kerk in the injury period FC Utrecht took another point against FC Groningen (2-2). As a result, the team of trainer Renรฉ Hake prevented FC Groningen from striking a gap of twelve points in the ranking. The gap between number seven FC Groningen and number ten FC Utrecht remains nine points due to this result.

At FC Utrecht everyone was very relieved that the year 2020 was over in many ways disappointing, but 2021 did not start very well for the club from the Domstad. FC Utrecht started the match well, fixed FC Groningen and got the first big chance through Ramselaar after a nice pass from Gyrano Kerk. But FC Groningen is a lepe team and the men of trainer Danny Buijs also proved that in the Galgenwaard. With two goals in five minutes, the guests drew the match. Both goals had a leading role for Jรธrgen Strand Larsen, the tree-long Norwegian striker.

At the 0-1 Strand Larsen made the first move on Patrick Joosten, and the Norwegian himself signed for the 0-2. The deception was big at FC Utrecht, which has to make a catch-up to get close to the places that give the right to European football. For rest, FC Utrecht managed to reduce the margin. Rattle popped through the leg of Ko Itakura touch (1-2).

At FC Utrecht, Willem Janssen returned to the base as a replacement for the injured Tommy St. Jago. Janssen was wearing the captain‘s band again. At the peak position, for the first time this season there was a base place for Adrian Dalmau. The striker had been important in the last two matches with the winning goal against FC Emmen and the equator against AZ.

Eljero Elia had completed 2020 well with his first two league goals for FC Utrecht, but could not stand out positively against FC Groningen. The attacker wholesaled in ball loss and after 35 minutes the end of exercise was for Elia, who had to be replaced injured. Mimoun Mahi came in the field for him.

FC Utrecht was even more emphatically the parent party after rest. FC Groningen barely made its own half anymore and focused on holding the lead. Dalmau (twice), Django Warmerdam, Mahi and Van de Region did not get the ball past FC Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt.

FC Groningen seemed to have a very valuable victory, with which the team of Buijs would jump over AZ to fifth place and put FC Utrecht to twelve points. During the injury period, FC Groningen’s negative football concept was punished and FC Utrecht made the deserved equaliser.

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