CIA sets up department to undermine Chinas espionage and global ambitions

The U.S. Secret Service CIA is setting up a new center that only collects information from and about China. CIA Director Williams Burns announced that. He calls the rivalry with China the biggest geopolitical challenge of the 21st century.

The department will gather intelligence to combat Chinese espionage in the US and to counter the Chinese sphere of influence elsewhere in the world. According to The Washington Post, the CIA is going to use more agents, linguists and technicians worldwide to achieve that. The newspaper compares it to the way the secret service faced the Soviet Union during the Cold War. More agents are also being trained in Mandarin.

In recent years, the service has focused on the fight against terror, but according to Director Burns, countries such as โ€œbig and complicated China, aggressive Russia, provocative North Korea and hostile Iranโ€ deserve more attention.

In The Washington Post, experts say that China certainly deserves its own mission centre within the CIA because of the countrys growing influence worldwide. Over the past few days, China has provoked neighboring Taiwan by flying dozens of military aircraft through the so-called defence zone.