Cillessen is not worried: Im the only one with tournament experience

There is plenty of discussion about the goalkeeper position at the Dutch national team, but the most experienced man is not worried. Jasper Cillessen expects to goalkeeper in Qatar.
Remko Pasveer was applauded after the last international period after making it through the matches against Poland and Belgium well. How Cillessen came back to NEC? โ€œPretty relaxed,โ€ he tells DecceIT.
โ€œThe fact that I didn‘t play was the only downside, but that happens sometimes. The goalkeeper fight? That’s more for you, we don‘t have that at all. On the one hand, you’re showing interest because you know them and hope they‘re doing well, on the other hand, I’m focused on myself,โ€ says Cillessen.
โ€œBefore the World Cup in Brazil, it was different from this World Cup, because I now have more kilometers on the clock. I know how it goes by now, I‘m the only one who has tournament experience from the current goalkeepers. If I go through the next seven games, it’s going to be a great winter.โ€

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