Cinema network “Karo” decided to rent rooms to gamers

The Caro film chain decided to start renting the halls to gamers, which could help cinemas during a period of lack of content. Prices for the service vary depending on the region, the size of the hall and the day of the week – so, the cost of renting a hall in Moscow for 44 people for two hours is 12 thousand rubles from Monday to Thursday, and on the weekend — 15 thousand rubles. Strictly speaking, the network rents rooms for more than the first week, but this time the organizers specifically focused on the game segment.

It is projected that revenue from it in the future could amount to 2 -3% of the networks total earnings. More on Gambling Creator Silent Hill collaborates with famous Japanese author PlayStataion 5 and Nintendo Switch conquered UK retail market in February Fees Star Citizen surpassed $350m.