Citroen company traded cars in GTA V for a couple of years

According to the portal GryniezNane, on the official page of the company Citroรซn for a couple of years flaunted a fragment of the map from the game Grand Theft Auto V. He illustrated a link to the search for the nearest point of sale, and This picture was seen by visitors to versions of the site for a number of countries, in particular Poland and Germany. Screenshots from the Polish site: old and new version of the illustrations were even labeled supposed car dealerships.

If they are to believe, Citroen cars could easily be bought in Downtown, Rockford Hills and Little Seoul. After posting on Facebook, the page on the Polish site adjusted.

However, residents of Germany are still offered to buy a car in Los Santos. As it is reported, for the first time the unconventional application of the GTA V card was noticed in 2019, but then no one on this information reacted.

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