City of Amsterdam and app Parking alarm clock in front of the court

The municipality of Amsterdam and entrepreneur Luis Roman of the parking alarm app were in court today. Amsterdam wants the start-up Parking Alarm clock to stop. The app notifies motorists who have not paid for a paid parking lot if a checkcar comes nearby, so they can avoid a fine.

The municipality believes that Parking Alarm is guilty of privacy violation and incitement to tax evasion. Luis Roman of Parking Alarm states that he โ€œwarns only benevolent, forgetful people that they should put some money in the meterโ€. According to him, a lot of unnecessary parking fines are written out, which leads to frustration in people.

A conversation between both parties did not remove the sting from the conflict.


Motorists using Parking Alarm clock have a dashcam in the car, the images of which are linked to a platform that reads images. Anyone who gets a message that a control car is driving down the street has five minutes to pay parking fees and avoid a fine. Customers pay for such a push message. Besides Amsterdam, the app is also available in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Delft and Leiden.

Incidentally, parking management scancars sometimes incorrectly automatically impose a fine, as was apparent earlier this month from the number of appeals received by DeccEit from the four major cities. Objections are particularly paid in Utrecht and Rotterdam: three quarters of the fines challenged fell.

The judge will give a ruling in the case between Amsterdam and Parking Alarm in two weeks.