City of Brussels struggles with corona; now prick the Action

Hospitals in Brussels have been spreading corona patients over Flanders and Wallonia since this week. IC departments are threatening to overload. The capital of Belgium faces the consequences of low rates of vaccination. To turn the tide, Brussels residents can now get a shot at the Action without an appointment.

The difference between other parts of Belgium is big. According to the latest figures, almost 76 percent have been fully vaccinated in Flanders. Thats not even half in Brussels.

More stringent rules

Experts fear because of the high number of infections for a fourth corona wave that will particularly hit many Brussels residents. Due to the situation, the Brussels Region does not participate in the rural easing of corona measures on Wednesday. In fact, one threatens even more stringent rules if things dont get better quickly.

Meanwhile, Flanders and Wallonia are catching the blows. Hospitals there are now taking over almost all unvaccinated corona patients to assist the overloaded colleagues in the metropolis.

In order to increase the rate of vaccination, the government is fighting a new weapon this week: Brussels residents can obtain the Leiden Janssen vaccine (only 1 shot needed) without an appointment at the Dutch retail chain Action in the disadvantaged district of Molenbeek. Popular audience pullers Ikea and Primark are also participating.

Side Effects

How is Brussels doing so badly to European terms? According to a health service spokeswoman, a large group of people are postlining the shot because they dont see it now or are afraid of side effects. โ€œA smaller group finds it difficult to get to a vaccination point despite free transport. Theyre waiting for us to get to their doorstep,โ€ says the saywoman. โ€œA minority is a real antivaxer, well never convince them.โ€

Brussels also faces another problem: 35 percent of its inhabitants have dual citizenship. Many expats are probably out of numbers because they have been inputted in their home country.