Clear assignment for Feyenoorders: “This way you kill Dessers”

The Conference League final between Feyenoord and AS Roma does not present a spectacle for the time being. After 45 minutes, the Romans are on a 0-1 lead due to a goal by Nicolò Zaniolo.
Roma is pretty well organized with five people. This is a mistake by Trauner, who misjudges it, Wim Kieft analyzes the opposite goal at Veronica. Zaniolò is very good and manages to hit him in the rump. Feyenoord is not involved and is always looking for the combination, but that is not the quality of Dessers.
In any case, the anticipation was more fun than the first half, especially on the Feyenoord side, says Kenneth Perez at ESPN. Were talking about balance beforehand: the fear of losing the ball or are you going to find the right balance? Well, they havent found the balance. Because there was a lot of fear of taking advantage of the small space that was there. Lots of wide, back, high balls on Dessers who had to compete against Smalling. That was an offensive chance.
Perez believes that Feyenoords attackers should have more help. Because this is how you kill Dessers. He has to go against that Smalling every time, you see a little bit of fear. Sinisterra you have to try to figure it out, Nelson has to try to figure you out, not in the ball.
Dessers stands on an island between three central defenders, Nelson only gets into the ball, Sinisterra dribbled a few times, but also in the ball. Lift, in-depth actions over Dessers? No, not done. So you will never come into your power at all, adds Pierre van Hooijdonk.
Mario Been thinks Feyenoord was impressed by Roma. They are too much in awe of them. And you can always talk about an opponent, but it
s also about: what do you do with the ball yourself? What strikes me: that there is a lot of space on the opposite side. So if they can take advantage of that much faster, you can play two against one against the side. But its also important: do you dare to play football?