Clearly, after corona question: ‘Choose not to have me vaccinated. ‘

Wout Weghorst was not very happy about a question he received in front of the camera of DeccEit. The striker of VfL Wolfsburg was asked for his opinion on the situation surrounding the coronavirus. A few months ago, Weghorst came under fire, after he expressed his doubts about the virus on social media.
At DeccEit, Weghorst is asked if he is a virus wappie. โ€œSpecial, so this is the first question you ask me towards the European Championship… โ€œ, the 28-year-old goalscorer countersits, after which he goes into the question somewhat. โ€œA lot has been said about that and a lot has been filled out about it. I dont really want to say anything more about Corona. Its not up to me. I want to talk about football.โ€
โ€œI made the choice for myself not to get vaccinatedโ€, Weghorst continues. โ€œThat is also known. Everyone has to make their own choice and do what feels right.โ€
In December, Weghorst publicly questioned the coronavirus and the vaccine on Instagram. The attacker posted a photo with the text: โ€œImagine being forced to take a vaccine for a disease that is so deadly that you must first get tested to find out if you have it.โ€ He didnt get away with that. The four-time Orange-International received a lot of negative reactions and did not apologize much later.