‘Clearly Schuurs became next in line with Van Bommel and Hofland’

It soon became clear at Fortuna Sittard that Perr Schuurs was the next youth product of the club that would go far. Gino Facenna, former player and now youth trainer of Fortuna, still remembers his first encounter with the Ajax defender.

Schuurs was already captain of Fortuna at 17, and that does not surprise Facenna. โ€œHe was already so determined as a teenager and always did extra work,โ€ says the trainer who accompanied him against Football International in the Under-17. โ€œHe was further than the rest. You know what I‘ll never forget? That first handshake he gave. So firm, so mature. And Perr was only fifteen years old.โ€
In the Netherlands it was surprised that such a young player became captain of the Limburgers. โ€œIt didn’
t bother him,โ€ says Facenna. โ€œA captain with braces? It was just Perr. A big boy, with a good kick and a pure personality. Soon we became clear that he was next in the list Mark van Bommel, Kevin Hofland and Fernando Ricksen.โ€