Cleo (4) disappears on camping trip with her parents: big search for ‘Australian Maddie’

Australian police have launched a massive search after four-year-old Cleo Smith suddenly disappeared during a camping trip with her parents. When they woke up in the morning, the girl was gone. Local residents are asked to look forward to a red sleeping bag.


1.30 a.m., her parents had a brief interaction with her. But when they woke up at 6 a.m. on Saturday 16 October, the girl had disappeared. Cleo was out and about with her parents and they stayed at a campground in western Australia near the coastal village of Carnarvon. The girl would have only been wearing pink pajamas at the moment she disappeared.

Her disappearance is described as โ€œvery worryingโ€ and the police do not want to leave anything to chance. All scenarios are on the table. That of kidnapping too, it sounds. โ€œBut we dont have any answers right now.โ€


Local residents are asked to look out for Cleos red sleeping bag in their garbage bin and roadside. Police also stopped cars and caravans that wanted to leave the area.

The information about the girls disappearance has been distributed to Australian police forces within a radius of almost 1,000 kilometres. The police inspector added that wilderness conditions are rough, but that the current weather in the area should provide survivability for some time.