Cliff breaks down and hits tourists in boats Brazil: six dead

In southeastern Brazil, several people were killed because they were buried under a stretch of broken cliff. The local fire department says Reuters news agency says there are at least six deaths. About twenty people are still missing.

Part of a rock party on a large reservoir broke off unexpectedly and fell on two boats containing groups of tourists. Due to the waves that caused the collapse, other small vessels were also in trouble.

According to the fire department, in addition to the six deaths, there are at least 32 injured, nine of whom are with serious injuries. Divers and helicopters look for the people who are still missing.

A spectator filmed the collapsing cliff. The video only takes a few seconds:

The accident was filmed from another boat. It can be seen how suddenly a crack occurs in the rock, after which a meter-long piece breaks down and ends up in the water. The images are shared a lot on social media.

The accident happened in the state of Minas Gerais, more than 300 kilometers northwest of Rio de Janeiro. The Furnas reservoir is a tourist attraction.

The area has been struggling with a lot of precipitation over the past period, causing flooding. According to the authorities, the rain may have caused part of the rock party to let go. The Navy is conducting further investigation into the accident.