Climate March in Brussels: ‘Urgency has never been so high’

In the centre of Brussels, protesters have seen a climate march. It was an initiative of more than 80 organisations that have united in the Climate Coalition. They want politics to do more to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The police in the Belgian capital estimated the number of participants at around 25,000, reports the broadcaster VRT. The organizers think there were 70,000 protesters on their feet.

โ€œThe urgency has never been higher,โ€ says Zanna Vanrenterghem, Vice President of the Climate Coalition. โ€œThe climate crisis has mercilessly rolled into our living rooms, remember the floods this summer. Politics now stands as a disaster tourist and is definitely not putting their hands off their sleeves.โ€

More isolation and better public transport

The Climate Coalition has prepared an action plan with more than a hundred solutions. For example, the organizations believe that more needs to be done in terms of isolation. They also want more renewable energy and better public transport.

The organizations believe that the costs of these plans should be covered by the biggest polluters. For the less capital powers, the financial impact should be limited.

The demonstration was held with a view to the United Nations Climate Conference, from 31 October to 12 November in Glasgow. The aim is for countries to step up their climate ambitions in order to limit global warming.