Close employee Biden suspended for threatening journalist

A close employee of American President Joe Biden was suspended for a week because he threatened a journalist from Politico. Spokesperson Jen Psaki confirmed at a press conference that she was an employee of her department, second spokesman TJ Ducklo.

Ducklo said in a phone call to journalist Tara Palmeri said he would “destroy her.” Palmeri recently wrote about Ducklos relationship with Alexi McCammond, a journalist of Axios.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, Ducklo would have made disparaging and women-friendly comments during the conversation with Palmeri. He would have said she was jealous of his relationship with McCammond.

Biden has often said that he is acting hard on his employees who belittle others. “When I hear that you do not treat someone with respect or belittle someone, I will fire you on the ground,” says Biden shortly after his inauguration against his staff.

According to Psaki, Ducklo knows he made a mistake and apologized to Palmeri. Ducklo no longer works with reporters from Politico after his suspension.