Clover (GroenLinks) and Marijnissen (SP): ‘Higher education should open again’

If it is up to Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) and Lilian Marijnissen (SP), higher education will also open on 1 March. Thats what the list creators said tonight at the CCEIT on 3 election program. They want students from HBO and universities to be able to return to physical education.

They responded to the news that came out tonight after the Catshuiscouncil, that secondary schools will partially open from next week. โ€œHigher education is of the utmost importance,โ€ says Klaver.

According to the GreenLeft leader, at the beginning of the coronacrisis, it was assumed that the vulnerable were only elderly. โ€œBut young people have also become vulnerable,โ€ says Klaver. Many young people suffer from corona measures and that affects their mental state.

Clover also believes that too little has been invested in crisis services where people with mental complaints can go to. Marijnissen adds that compensation must be made for young people, for financial damage.

Jesse Klaver and Lilian Marijnissen on youth and higher education:

The list attractors had a conversation with a number of young people who were present in the studio. Two major themes were discussed: climate and living. One of the studio guests asked how GroenLinks and the SP think about generating nuclear power, as a means to meet the 2050 climate targets. Both sides are against.

โ€œ We are not in favour of building a nuclear power plant,โ€ Marijnissen emphasises. Clover agrees that nuclear power is a CO2 neutral solution. โ€œBut I dont think we need it,โ€ says the GreenLeft leader.

Clover thinks he can achieve the climate targets without nuclear power. Marijnissen also advocates other solutions:

One of the studio guests was wondering if she could buy a house next year. Probably not, both list tractors think. They say a lot has to be done to solve the housing problem. Clover says that the housing market has been โ€œcompletely bloatedโ€ for the past ten years. โ€œHomes are seen as a commodity, according to the Green Left leader.

Marijnissen says shes happy that the prices of social rental housing are frozen because of the coronacrisis. This motion, which was tabled by the SP, the Green Left and the PvdA, was adopted earlier this week by the House of Representatives.

Both lists have concrete ideas about housing shortages:

The payment affair was also discussed. How are both sides going to tackle institutional racism? The SP is pleased that there is a parliamentary survey to find out exactly what happened at the Tax Administration. โ€œThe bottom stone must come up. This must never happen again in this way,โ€ says Marijnissen.

According to Klaver, the problem is also in the computer programs used by government agencies, which select individuals for checks. โ€œThe algorithms that do that must be banned.โ€

Lilian Marijnissen believes that institutional racism should be tackled very hard:

In addition to the serious topics, there was also room for light questions. So the conversation with the list trackers began with a question about their student life. โ€œI loved a party, but I worked hard. I wanted to get all the keys at once,โ€ says Klaver. โ€œI learned a lot from the people I met back then. It was a great time. I can imagine that the people who are now, in coronatijd, are having an incredibly hard time studying.โ€

Marijnissen also enjoyed her student life. โ€œI studied hard. I combined the study of political science with being a city councillor. So I could put everything into practice right away.โ€

Other list tractors

In the coming days, other list leaders from large parties will talk to young people. Except PVV leader Geert Wilders, he turned down the invitation. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Esther Ouwehand (Party voor de Dieren) and Kees van der Staaij (SGP). Even then, it is possible to watch the conversation live via the site and app, the Facebook pages of DecceIt Encceit on 3 and the YouTube page of CCEit on 3. Through the social media channels, everyone can ask questions to politicians.

This is what the program for the rest of the week looks like:

Last night VVD leader and demissionary Prime Minister Rutte was already a guest at the CCEit on 3 election program. He spoke, among other things, about current corona measures, housing, student financing and the climate. You can look back or read the conversation back here.

Look back here the whole conversation with Klaver and Marijnissen: