Clover on formation: other parties should give hom or calf

The other parties should make it clear today whether they are going to negotiate with GroenLinks and PvdA. Thats what GroenLinks Leader Klaver said after his conversation with PvdA leader Ploumen and informator Hamer.

The two party leaders reported to the informator of what happened at their party meetings this weekend. โ€œWe said there is broad support within our parties for the step we want to take,โ€ said Klaver. Party members proved to be in favour of jointly jointly in the formation this weekend.

Clover thinks other parties should give hom or calf. โ€œDo they continue to refuse, or are they willing to make it clear that a majority cabinet can be talked about?โ€

VVD, CDA and D66

The parties that need to answer that are mainly VVD and CDA. The two have so far consistently said to be against a cabinet with PvdA and GroenLinks, because only one of the two is needed for a majority. An extra party would make the coalition unstable is fear.

Behind the scenes already sounded this weekend that cooperation on the left does not change that point of view. D66 does want to go to the table with the two left-wing parties.

From noon, the two forwarders of the formation, VVD and D66, are at informateur Hamer. Three quarters of an hour later, CDA foreman Hoekstra joined. It may become more clear about the continuation of the formation at the end of the conversation.