Club Bruges-Dutch have already won the very first prize of the season

Club Brugge started the season with a victory that also yields an immediate prize. It won the game for the Belgian Supercup of KAA Gent: 1-0.
At Club Brugge, three Dutch people were in the base: Ruud Vormer, Noa Lang and Bjorn Meijer. Charles De Ketelaere was missing, presumably to spare him due to an impending multi-million dollar transfer to AC Milan. Just before the break, Andreas Skov Olsen scored the only goal of the game.
โ€œI think we were really good for the first 30-35 minutes. Both in possession and loss of the ball. After that, some players already experienced a slight fatigue, which meant that we could no longer push aggressively enough, especially in the ball loss,โ€ says Club trainer Carl Hoefkens. โ€œWe know that we are taking steps and, above all, I am incredibly satisfied with that. The next step should be 60 minutes, should be 90 minutes and longer. That is definitely the intention. I also know where we stand at the moment and thats pretty much what weve shown today.โ€
Ghent trainer Heinvanhaezebrouck thinks his team was equivalent to Club Brugge. โ€œWe get away well a few times, but after that, in the last 60 minutes, we were the better team. Only with that last pass or decision, things can be even better. Its still early in the season, of course.โ€

Andreas Skov Olsen! โšก With a good individual action & a great shot, the Dane puts his Club ahead ๐Ÿ’ซ #ZiggoSport #BRUGNT
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) July 17, 2022