Clubs’ jealous’ of organization PSV: ‘Doesn’t matter we’ve been there for a long time’

Toon Gerbrands is happy that PSV has done well on an organizational level. There are few staff changes and that gives peace. He was talking about that supporters magazine The PSV Supporter.
Gerbrands (63) has been managing director of PSV himself for seven years. Before that, he held that same position at AZ for twelve years. โ€œThere are many clubs jealous of the organizational structure of PSV,โ€ says Gerbrands to The PSV Supporter.
โ€œWe notice that from responses we get. There is no owner, there is no elected chairman, which saves a lot of emotion. PSV has a very professional supervisory board and the management, technical management and head of training have been in place for several years,โ€ says Gerbands.
According to Gerbrands, that gives peace and stability. There is no expiration date, he says. โ€œIt doesnt matter that weve been there for a long time, especially the peace is important. You can see that the average trainer is longer than the average director. You dont shoot that much.โ€