CNN presenter Chris Cuomo fired

CNN fired presenter Chris Cuomo for helping his brother Andrew when he was accused of unwanted sexual conduct by multiple women earlier this year. In connection with those allegations, the Democrat resigned as governor of New York in August.

Chris Cuomo was already suspended earlier this week by the channel pending the outcome of an investigation into his involvement in his brothers defense. Released reports from the Public Prosecutors Office in New York showed that Cuomo went far further to help his brother than was assumed.

For example, he would have informed his brother in advance of negative reports about the allegations and used his contacts within the media world to get more information about the case and the women involved for his brothers law team.

CNN enlisted a โ€œrespected law firmโ€ to investigate the case. โ€œDuring the investigation, new information came to light,โ€ says CNN and that led to Cuomo being discharged on standing foot today. What information is concerned, the station does not mention.