CNN Suspends Star Host Chris Cuomo For Help To Brother In Misconduct Case

US news channel CNN suspended presenter Chris Cuomo indefinitely for helping his brother Andrew when he was accused of unwanted sexual conduct by several women earlier this year. In connection with those allegations, the Democrat resigned as governor of New York in August.

The suspension follows the release of reports by the Public Prosecutor‘s Office in New York, showing that Chris Cuomo went far further to clear his brother’s name than was assumed. From the new pieces it can be seen that Cuomo wanted to inform his brother in advance of negative reports about the allegations.

Furthermore, the presenter is said to have pressured sources to provide information about the women who accused his brother of sexual misconduct, and then pass that information on to Governor employees. In addition, he thought along about Andrew‘s public statements and played a role in his defense strategy.

Cuomo has not responded to his suspension yet.

Family first place

Previously, Chris Cuomo had already acknowledged to his employer that he had assisted his brother with advice when he was confronted with the allegations. He has apologized to colleagues for that. The news channel then admitted that the CNN star’s behavior couldn‘t get through the braces and reprimanded him, but it stayed at that time.

CNN says that the new information about the involvement of the presenter raises serious questions, and that there has now been suspension. โ€œWe thought he was in a unique position and that he should put his family first, and his job second. But these documents indicate that he was more involved in his brother’s case than we knew so far.โ€

Cuomo has been working at CNN since 2013, where he presents the Cuomo Prime Time news and background program. He is a familiar face of the news channel, his evening program is regularly the best-watched show on CNN.