Co-op added to Scrapnaut

Rock Game Studio and PlayWay Publishing House announced an important innovation for the building adventure Scrapnaut. Now the game is available online mode with cooperative capabilities. The update supports ready-made saves, and you can enable the cooperative mode even after the start of the single player game.

It is only important that all players have the same version of the game and the same region – it changes in settings. You can collect up to four players in the group.

At the same time, blue books will be available simultaneously to all of them, but books of other colors – only individually to everyone. The co-op does not have a definitive death rule, and the deceased character will be able to return to their equipment.

You can find a suitable group or collect players in the lobby. Opportunities are also available to create a closed room or show only the rooms of your friends.

Scrapnaut is currently in early Steam access and receives mostly positive reviews. You can buy it for 309 rubles.

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