Coach Celta de Vigo on first training at Strand Larsen: ‘Needs time’

Jörgen Strand Larsen has finished his first training at Celta de Vigo and he gets time to adapt from his trainer Eduardo Coudet. On Friday, his club will play against Cadiz, but whether the Norwegian striker will make minutes is still unclear.
He co-trained today, but of course he comes from a different competition with other training sessions, says Coudet at a press conference quoted by Eldesmarque. On a day like today, I havent been able to spend much time with him, because were playing a game on Friday. He just comes from a completely different climate, its a little bit to see how long it takes before he can get used to this competition and this way of training.
Whether Strand Larsen is going to make his first minutes against Cadiz, Coudet also leaves in the middle. I hope we
re going to get the best version of him, but I really dont know if hes going to make minutes on Friday. Hopefully, hell adapt as soon as possible, but Ill treat every player equally and I wont favor anyone.
After a noisy transfer summer, Strand Larsen finally left for Celta de Vigo on Thursday. Eventually, he left for Spain for eleven million euros, making the Norwegian the most expensive outbound transfer ever for FC Groningen.