Coach Wevers may return from turnbond in training hall

Turncoach Vincent Wevers can return to the training hall. The KNGU has announced that the top sports programme of the gymnasts in TeamNL will be resumed in a new form. The gymnasts will be able to train centrally in Nijmegen five days a week with a trainer of their choice.

Like national coach Gerben Wiersma, Wevers was suspended by the KNGU a month ago due to allegations of cross-border behaviour. The top sports programme was also put on hold for the time being.

Four more trainers involved

Since the end of July, the KNGU has been looking for a solution for the gymnasts, who saw their Olympic dream shattered by the decision of the KNGU. In addition to Wevers and Wiersma, four other club trainers were involved in supervising the gymnasts from TeamNL.

These four trainers were asked by the association to voluntarily take a step aside in the interest of investigating cross-border behaviour. Only Patrick Kiens of PAX did not respond. The four can now work with their pupils, but centrally.

However, the KNGU has set a condition: the Institute of Sports Law (ISR) must agree with the choice of the gymnast. The KNGU reserves the right to intervene in the interim if possible investigations give reason to do so. Should a complaint be submitted to the ISR against, for example, Vincent Wevers, the KNGU may decide to exclude him from the gymnastics hall again.

Many conversations

“We’re not going back to the old setting. We are going to train centrally”, explained technical director Mark Meijer, the KNGU’s solution. He indicated that the new decision came about after a lot of discussions with all kinds of people involved and that especially the gymnasts put the emphasis on training with their own trainer.

“With this implementation, we are complying with the board’s decision. That means central training, independent observation, intensified mental coaching and an accelerated cultural change”, says Meijer, who also hopes that with this, justice will be done to the victims of previous practices.

Wiersma no national coach

Meijer indicated that Gerben Wiersma will not return as national coach for the time being. “He has indicated himself that he wants to operate in the lee during research. During the investigation we will look at what role Gerben can fulfil

Vincent Wevers can in any case start working in Nijmegen from Thursday 09.00 hours. Against the father of Olympic champion Sanne are the heaviest accusations. Former gymnast Joy Goedkoop stated in a broadcast of the CCeit programme Studio Sport at the end of July that she had been kicked and beaten by him.

“Should a complaint against Wevers be filed with the ISR within the next 48 hours, we can still intervene,” says technical director Meijer.