Coalition group chairmen will catch up tomorrow, also about purchasing power

The group chairmen of the coalition parties will meet tomorrow, including to talk about rising prices and the falling purchasing power of citizens. According to sources, they had already agreed to talk to each other around this time before the start of the summer recess. They are all back from vacation by now.

It is not the intention that Hermans (VVD), Paternotte (D66), Heerma (CDA) and Segers (ChristenUnie) will negotiate possible measures to improve purchasing power tomorrow. This will happen from next week, when talks about the 2023 budget begin.

Next Friday, the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) will send the latest expectations about the development of the economy and purchasing power to the cabinet. On this basis, the discussions on the budget will be held. This budget is traditionally presented on Prinsjesdag.

Shopping more expensive

The coalition is facing major challenges: today it turned out that groceries have become 18.5 percent more expensive in the past year. As a result, many households are at risk of being in financial trouble. Also due to the ever-rising energy costs, many citizens fear that they will not be able to make ends meet soon.

For the lowest incomes, a new support measure has already been announced: they will receive another 500 euros in addition to the 800 euro energy surcharge to compensate for the high prices. Previously, the energy tax and fuel excise duties were temporarily reduced. Nevertheless, major concerns remain in the House of Representatives, especially about the position of middle-income households that do not receive an energy surcharge.

Nitrogen and asylum

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kaag of Finance previously announced that it is actually not possible to arrange anything for this group this year. They do want to look at measures for next year in the budget.

In addition to purchasing power, other pressing problems are also on the agenda tomorrow at the meeting of the group chairmen. The nitrogen crisis and the chaos in the reception of asylum seekers also call for attention. The coalition parties may have to make new agreements about this.