Coalition in Brabantse Staten has majority back after remarkable transition

There seems to be an end to the rumble within the provincial administration of Brabant. A renegade member of 50Plus returns the current coalition its majority.

The provincial government in Brabant consists of VVD, CDA, Lokaal Brabant and Forum voor Democracy. These four parties had a narrow majority of 28 out of 55 seats. But four days ago, the Group of the Forum for Democracy fell apart. Three members switched to JA21, but committed to continue to support the agreed governance agreement.

For one member of the FvD state, the break was a reason to quit. Forum had no candidates to fill that seat, so the coalition lost its majority. But now that a member of the State 50Plus joins the CDA, the majority of 28 seats is back.

Member of the State Chris Spooren has joined the CDA immediately. โ€œFor some time now, I feel less and less at home at 50Plus and have made a consideration for myself how I can best stand up for the target group, which I stand for, and continue to represent it. After long and ripe consideration, I have decided to join the group of the CDA.โ€

Reverse transfer

The fact that Spooren is making the switch to the CDA is remarkable. Years ago he switched from the CDA to 50Plus for exactly the same reason, writes Omroep Brabant. Spooren served for the CDA in the City Council of Son and Breugel from 2002 to 2009. He didnt feel at home there anymore.

โ€œ The social character based on charity, mercy and togetherness were increasingly snowed under by a course to the right. In particular, the expressions of Eelco Brinkman at the time about the AOW pension, were the decisive factor for me. By marching with the AOW pension, I lost my trust,โ€ said Spooren three years ago to a local newspaper.

Today he has returned to the CDA and thus helps the coalition parties in Provincial States of Brabant to gain a majority again.