Cobra Page spoke about heroine of musical action film Of Bird and Cage

Very soon, on May 20, an experimental game is released on Steam: musical adventure action film Of Bird and Cage. The main roles in it were voiced by famous rock musicians: former Guns N Roses guitarist Ron โ€œBumblefootโ€ Tal, Ryud Yoli from Within Temptation, former Evanescence musician Rocky Gray and others. Paige, the soloist of the band Kobra and the Lotus, got the role of the main character, Gitta.

She is looking for her place in the world, but because of the difficult life situation gets addicted to drugs and is at the mercy of Bres Lupus. In this freestyle retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast players difficult decisions have to be made, while trying to correlate all their actions with the sound of music.

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